Donald Green, Jr.

As a natural born athlete, Donald Green Jr. discovered something special at an early age that some people take a lifetime to unearth: passion and purpose. Born on July 29, 1985, Donald always had an affinity for sports. At the jovial age of 6, Donald walked onto a baseball field for the first time and that day set the precedent for the rest of his life. He participated in an open tryout and made the little league baseball team. From that moment, his life was decided and his love for sports began.

Throughout his adolescent years, he evolved into an all-around athlete adding football and basketball to his athletic portfolio. In high school, he opted to focus solely on the sports he loved: baseball and football. The decision proved to be an effective one as Donald excelled on and off the field winning numerous awards for his athletic capabilities.


In 2003, Donald received a full athletic scholarship to play baseball for Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. In college, his hard work on the baseball field continued to pay off. Donald received All-SWAC honors both years he played for TSU. After taking college baseball by storm, Donald entered the 2006 MLB draft. The talented rising star was drafted by the New York Mets as their 39th pick in the draft.


As a professional athlete, Donald learned the true significance of athleticism. While his performance on the field was the cornerstone of his career, he learned the importance of the supporting aspects that contributed to that success. He began focusing more on the evolution of his mindset, nutritional practices, and the way he trained in order to improve the longevity of his health and career.

For the next five years, Donald lived his athletic dream. In 2011, he’d entered a private workout for the Los Angeles Dodgers at their spring training facility in Arizona. But unfortunately, Donald was thrown a curveball that changed the trajectory of his life and career. During that time, he suffered an injury that ultimately cut his professional baseball career short.


After a 20-year career in sports, Donald opted to change his athletic focus. He relocated to Atlanta, GA to train at an athletic facility called Sport-a-Rama where he soon became an instructor for Baseball Training and Facility Coordination. One year later, he returned to his hometown of Baton Rouge, LA. He lived in the gym spending countless hours perfecting his intense training style. As Donald continued to evolve, he soon began helping other athletes and people aspiring to make healthy life changes. The rising fitness enthusiast found himself sharing his knowledge and experiences positively influencing those he came in contact with. At that point, he’d reached another pivotal point in his career. Through his athletic journey he dived deeper into his passion and found purpose. He became enthralled with the gratification that comes from helping others better themselves mentally and physically.


In the fall of 2011, Donald enrolled at Louisiana State University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. During the fall semester that year, he served as a Student Assistant for

Strength and Conditioning for the LSU baseball team. He credits Coach Moffit and Coach Phillips for showing him the importance of thoroughly understanding the “what, why, when, and how” in regards to athleticism.


But despite having excellent, impactful instructors in college, Donald was determined to create his own style and brand of fitness. He continued to spend countless hours in the gym designing workouts for both athletes and non-athletes. Maintaining a targeted focus on the development of his craft, Donald often tested his workouts using them with family members and close friends. It didn’t take long for Donlad to make an impact. Those he worked with were impressed with the results they were seeing as his effective workouts helped them to receive the results they sought. Donald was transforming the bodies of people from all walks of life. The athletes he trained were also transformed; the increase in their strength, size, flexibility, and speed was undeniable.

As he continued his studies on health, fitness, and the human body, he gained an interest in bodybuilding. A close friend of Donald, often told him he “would do great as a physique guy,” but he

wasn’t convinced. However, he soon opted to revisit that idea and it proved to be an excellent decision that opened more doors of opportunity. Donald’s striking physique also led to modeling opportunities. His girlfriend April, whom he went on to marry, saw his potential and began submitting his photos for modeling jobs and casting calls. To Donald’s surprise, his photos caught the attention of modeling agencies and multiple casting directors. He was featured as a runway model in the Avenue Rouge Show, cast as a cobra storm trooper stuntman in G.I. Joe Retaliation, and cast for a feature role in VH1’s Single Ladies.

These opportunities ultimately broadened Donald’s horizon making his career path limitless. In 2014, he decided to take the fitness world by storm as a physique competitor. To prepare for his first show, he trained and adhered to a strict diet for a full 16 weeks. The NPC Phil Heath Classic was Donald’s first competition on a national level. Although he didn’t place in the first show, participating set the bar for the level of success he desired to reach. His next show was The Heart of Dixie in Mobile, Alabama. After going back to the drawing board to perfect his craft, the hard work paid off. Donald placed sixth overall improving vastly since his first national competition. However, he still hadn’t reached the level of success he desired. Donald’s goal was to win and placing first would be the only way to do that.

Donald continued modeling and training but now there were additional motivating factors driving his success: his wife, and newborn son. Almost one year after Donald and April tied the knot, they welcomed their first child, Alexander Hunter Green, on April 3, 2014. While Donald’s career was moving in a positive direction, it still wasn’t exactly what he wanted but the vision soon became clearer. While training private clients and working for a local gym, Donald decided to take a leap of faith branching out and opening his own gym. During this time of transition, he switched gears turning his focus from physique competition training to entrepreneurial expansion.

In the fall of 2016, Donald opened his first Bayou Aesthetics location in Zachary, LA and he hasn’t looked back. The thriving athletic facility offers personal training, athletic conditioning, strength and conditioning training, HIIT training, nutritional guidance and education, cardio boxing, and more. As his career continues to reach new heights, he’s also embarking on new exciting chapter. On May 31, 2019, Donald and his wife, April welcomed their second child, a daughter they affectionately named Devyn Kelly Green.

Today, Donald’s life focus is clear. He aims to help others improve themselves while he does the same. His life journey, determination and success prove that greatness is attainable and nothing is impossible.



“If you’re willing to make the necessary sacrifices, fully dedicate yourself, become humble and disciplined, then there’s nothing to great that you can’t accomplish.”