When I asked Lori what it is about having a personal trainer that makes it worth your while...​

..."The idea that someone is always actively rooting for you, guiding you, giving tough love, giving knowledge, always looking for ways to improve yourself.  I've always enjoyed working out and pushing myself, but having you as a trainer took it to another level.  My knowledge about my body, nutrition and training has increased.  Most importantly my confidence in myself and my abilities. Training has become a part of my lifestyle now and that has made all the difference for me."


When I asked Veronica what is it about your trainer "DG" that makes you want to stick with him?

..."Dedicated. Inspiring. Committed. Motivating. Positive reinforcement."


When I asked Felecia what is it about your training that makes you commute throughout the week...

..."To know that I have to have a healthy mind above all else.  It's not often you can train in an environment and with a person who is not only your trainer and have the same big goals in mind, but to be able to find a friend and mentor all wrapped in one is a blessing that no distance can keep you from.  Plus, I'm in the best shape I've been in headed into 30!"